DataFacts is the next generation of healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. Developed by MedTera Healthcare Intelligence in collaboration with Medical & Academic Institutions, Health Research Organizations and Technology/Telecommunication Companies, DataFacts redefines the traditional understanding of Patients & Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals.

DataFacts provides our clients with real-time insights on what is truly important to patients at any stage of the healthcare delivery continuum. DataFacts also helps to identify network relationships and frequency between: HCPs and Patients, GPs and Specialists, Allied Health Professionals and Patients, KOLs and Local, Regional, and National HCPs.  Our focus is to enable our clients to measure (in real-time) the direct market impact your brand and products are having on your therapeutic portfolio in comparison to market dynamics as well to as identify candidates for your clinical studies.

DataFacts is a tool that can be used in conjunction with the implementation of all MedTera Healthcare Intelligence solutions or as a stand-a-lone tool to harness valuable actionable insights.