Client Market Research

Top 5 Pharmaceutical company wanted to redesign their patient education materials on the subject of immunotherapy

Our Challenge

Our client wanted to survey patients who had been diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer to see if their new education materials could be understood by patients

Our client wanted 45 to 50 completed surveys as well as 3 to 4 survey takers to participate in a 30 minute phone conversation about the materials

Our Solution

H360 worked with our client and their advertising agency to prepare three versions of immunotherapy patient education materials

We put the materials in front of patients in our community who fit the desired profile and asked them to complete an extensive survey on those materials (multiple choice, ranking and open ended questions)

Our Results

In the first 3 days after launching the survey to the profiled members, we had over 200 fully completed surveys returned to us

Of all the participants who answered the survey, over 140 expressed a desire to participate in the 30 minute phone conversation

The client returned for 3 additional studies

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