Study of the effects of Virtual Social Therapy®

The effect of Virtual Social Therapy® on individuals with chronic conditions: Results from a groundbreaking study by St. John’s University.

Our Challenge

To prove that Virtual Social Therapy® via healtheo360 could improve health outcomes of patients living with diabetes compared to patients who participated in other social networks, such as Facebook, or did not participate in social media at all

Our Solution

Conduct a 9-month matched case control study of 200 participants

Test Group requirements: engage with the healtheo360 community 2 times a week for 9 months to share stories, recipes, physical activity log, comment on the stories of others, give kudos to stories, read health news, contribute journal/blog entries, report diabetes metrics

Control Group requirements: report their diabetes metrics

Our Results

Top Line Study Results: diabetics engaging in healtheo360’s network experienced better health outcomes than diabetics who were not engaged with the healtheo360 community

Study participants engaged in the healtheo360 network self reported: spending more time participating in physical activity, had improved dietary habits, demonstrated an improved mood, demonstrated better medication compliance and felt more in control of their health than non-healtheo360 study participants

Case Studies

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