Establishment of CT Protocols Within The Area of Immuno-Oncology

healtheo360 is partnered with an innovative bio-pharmaceutical company to assist in the establishment of CT protocols and recruit for the study in the area of Immuno-Oncology

Our Challenge

Our client and their CRO had no real-world patient insights as to what level of side effects would be physically or emotionally tolerated by a clinical trial participant or ongoing therapy

While the clients AOR had some level of a “generic” patient journey for this condition mapped out, they had no patient community in place to garner timely and relevant insights from, prior to launching a clinical study

Our client wanted the “voice of the patient” built into the testing protocols in addition to a private community to recruit from and develop patient education materials prior to product launch

Our Solution

Launched an h360-PRM social listening strategy to identify patients and caregivers with a rare type of cancer

Identified patient influencers who were driving a significant amount of social conversation both inside and outside h360

Built a dedicated and private online h360 sub-community of patients and caregivers from the social activity we identified to be used for ongoing research and potential trial participation

Our Results

Assisted in the development of a trial protocol with the insights from social listing and patient research from our community

Accelerated recruiting of a hard to identify/ hard to reach patient population

Project is ongoing

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